Amanda has been editing stories in the Chicago advertising scene for 10 years. After graduating film school, she learned from veteran editors at Whitehouse Post and Avenue Edit. A precisionist with an eye for design, Amanda’s unique vision elevates her edits. She intuitively crafts her cuts with personality, brought to life by balance, flow, and good taste. She specializes in comedy, visually dynamic, and music-driven projects.

Amanda has worked with top agencies such as DDB, Leo Burnett, and McGarryBowen in Chicago, LA, and NYC. Working with brands including Jeep, Capital One, Lunchables, Kohler, and Scotts, she has a diverse cutting experience. Amanda’s creative energy extends outside the editing bay into her home, where she is always working on a project designing something weird in her jungle of plants and animals.

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Salvatore Córdova is a Chicago-based sound artist creating organic electronic music. His sonic collages combine acoustic instrumentation, field recordings, and intricate sound design. Córdova's applied sound work has accompanied various digital media projects including advertisements, short films, and video games. His interest in emerging technologies inspires and informs his creative process as he strives to create unique audio experiences with each piece.

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